on the nose

on the nose
being precise with regard to a prescribed or specified criterion

his guess was on the nose


the prediction for snow was right on the button

Syn: ↑on the button
Similar to: ↑precise
just as it should be

`Precisely, my lord,' he said

Syn: ↑precisely, ↑exactly, ↑on the dot, ↑on the button

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adverb (or adjective)
1. : to a prescribed or specified measure or limit of size or time : on the button : exactly, precisely

ended the broadcast at 12 on the nose

the 1.5314 inches dimension checked out on the nose

2. : to win — used of horse or dog racing bets

bet $10 on the favorite on the nose

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on the nose
1. (in horse-race betting) to win only (not to come second or third)
2. Exactly (N Am inf)
3. Unsavoury, offensive (Aust informal)
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Main Entry:nose

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1) to a person's sense of smell

the wine is pungently smoky and peppery on the nose

2) informal precisely

at ten on the nose the van pulled up

3) informal (of betting) on a horse to win (as opposed to being placed)

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on the nose
informal : very accurate : done very accurately

You hit it on the nose. [=you are exactly right]

Her prediction was right on the nose.

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Main Entry:nose

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on the ˈnose idiom
(informal, especially NAmE) exactly

The budget should hit the $136 billion target on the nose.

Main entry:noseidiom

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